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Bravery is Different For Everyone

by Mike Hiatt

Being brave isn’t always as dramatic as running into a burning building, chasing down a criminal, or base-jumping off of the Grand Canyon.

Sometimes being brave is as simple as walking up to and talking to someone. We can be brave every day without risking life and limb. If you’re shy, complimenting someone can be an extreme challenge. If you are overweight, having smaller portions can be an act of bravery.

Doing anything outside of your comfort zone takes bravery!

For instance…

  • Doing anything for the first time

  • Asking someone out on a date

  • Leaving your house when you’re agoraphobic

  • Grocery shopping when you have an anxiety disorder

  • Trying to get A’s in school when you have ADD

  • Talking to someone at a gathering

  • Joining an exercise class at a gym

  • Saying no to a treat you really want

  • Starting a business

Of course, public speaking is terrifying for everyone!

The amount of bravery needed to accomplish something will be different for each person. No one can tell what bravery is to another person. We all have our challenges, big and small.

Bravery means facing your own personal difficulties and dealing with them, which can be both frightening and intimidating. But you have what it takes!

There is not a human on Earth that can’t become a better person. Striving to be your best “you” can take the bravest of hearts! Taking the easy way is rarely the brave path because, without challenge, we won’t grow as human beings. We must push ourselves to expand to become our best self.

This is the path to “Do Brave.”

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