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In this powerful memoir, Juanima divulges a plunge into a darkness few are able or willing to speak about: the terrifying, anxiety-driven world of PTSD. Her family unaware, Juanima endures abuse and multiple rapes as a child, and at nineteen years of age decides to lock the memories away into “the vault” – the darkest recesses of her mind – forever. But she discovers that no vault is strong enough to hold the secrets of her past when fourteen years later, the traumatic birth of her second daughter triggers their release. It’s not remembering the events that horrifies her the most – it’s reliving them. Keeping silent, and dealing with it alone brings confusion, distrust, and pressure from her family, and Juanima’s inner storm ultimately drives her to a crossroads of life or death. It’s the voice of a stranger that inspires her decision to fight for her life, and for the futures of her daughters. In vivid, bold honesty, Juanima Hiatt illuminates the unspeakable torment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), how it affects family and friends, and what it takes to recover from it. She bravely shares her story in hopes that others will be inspired to break their silence, fight against their fears, and discover the freedom beyond their pain.


From the Author

If only we could simply forget the traumatic things that happen in our lives, and just...not let those events bother us, or change us. But they do. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can happen after ANY trauma, whether it's combat, sexual abuse or rape, car accidents, natural disasters, or any event where you feel your life is at risk or threatened. It can be a single event, or something that happens over a period of time. For me, that trauma was sexual abuse from the ages of 7-18.


I tried for years to ignore the pressing memories, the sadness and loneliness, the guilt and shame. I actually succeeded for almost 15 years, finding happiness, strength, an amazing husband, and a daughter. I thought I had broken free from the past. Then in 2003, the birth of my second daughter went horribly wrong, and by the end, it had shattered everything inside me. The Invisible Storm is the story of what followed. 


In raw, total transparency, I share with you the hell of PTSD, and the many ways it destroys. But I also share the ways you can heal from it. PTSD strips you of everything you once were, but I show you how you can not only reclaim your power, but emerge a stronger, more courageous version of yourself.


TRIGGER WARNING: I felt that the only way to help people truly understand PTSD was to bring them completely into my world, so I held nothing back in detailing the darkness I experienced. Please be cautious as you read this book. In addition to graphic details of the trauma I experienced as a child, this book depicts moments of self-harm, drug use, suicidal ideations and a near attempt, and alcohol dependency.


I urge you to keep a friend close by as you read this book if you are struggling with PTSD, self-harm, or have a history of sexual abuse. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need to. Though we tough our way through these haunting, painful tragedies in our lives, the truth is they make us fragile, vulnerable, and in great need of extra TLC. Don't be afraid to give yourself that. You DO deserve it.


Product details

  • ASIN : B008A7K19U
  • Publication date : June 8, 2012
  • Language : English
  • Print length : 300 pages

The Invisible Storm ~ A Memoir by Juanima Hiatt

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