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Benefits of Rapid Trauma Recovery
What Happens After Using the Rewind Technique

Neutralize Traumatic Memories

Traumatic memories get quickly processed in the brain and no longer have an emotional hold on you. The memory becomes like a neutral past event – not an event that emotionally feels like it’s happening today.

Feel Calmer and More Peaceful

Persistent traumatic memories keep our nervous system on high alert as it’s working to protect us from similar danger in the future. Once a traumatic memory is neutralized, however, the perceived “danger” is removed, and our nervous system can get calm once again. You’ll feel less anxious in your body AND your mind.

Gain a Positive Outlook

Without the forced internal focus on past trauma, your mind is free to look ahead openly with hope and positivity. The Rewind Technique stops the intrusive thoughts and flashbacks associated with your trauma (as well as other symptoms), allowing you to experience peace and calm, and living out a better future.

Live in the Present

Traumatic memories cause us to stay tethered to the past, working exhaustively to keep it out of our thoughts. Once a traumatic memory is neutralized, you are able to experience the present… live in the moment… without any triggers to the past.

Discover the Real You

So much energy is spent suppressing the pain and negativity of our traumatic memories that our identity becomes suppressed as well. Neutralizing the traumatic memory releases its hold on you, so that the REAL YOU can thrive!

Say Goodbye to Nightmares

Often with PTSD, nightmares are a side-effect of an unprocessed traumatic memory in the brain. Once the memory is neutralized and processed, nightmares subside, and your sleep will dramatically improve.

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Questions Commonly Asked About Our Services

What is the Rewind Technique?

Learn What The Rewind Technique Is And What A Session Is Like

Will It Work For Me?

Learn the statistics for success of the Rewind Technique

What If I Can’t Remember the Exact Trauma?

Will the Rewind Technique still work for me?

What If I Have Multiple Traumas?

Find out how the Rewind Technique works with multiple traumatic events

Does This Work For Children?

Find out if the Rewind Technique is suitable for kids

More FAQs

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How We Can Help

Rewind Technique

Available as 90-minute session and includes the Rewind Technique to neutralize traumatic memories. Your time with me is relaxing and calming, and I never require you to discuss the details of your trauma, though you are absolutely free to share your story in whatever way is comfortable for you. Neutralizing traumatic memories also eliminates the symptoms connected to them like nightmares, flashbacks, or re-experiencing through intrusive thoughts or triggers.

Transformational Coaching

Available as 60-minute session. A Transformational Coaching session with me is solution-focused to get you desired results in your life. This entails defining current challenges and goals, unveiling the limiting or disempowering beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and asking you targeted questions that will empower you to discover your own solutions. I believe on a core level that you have all the answers you need to get what you want in life, and I will help you discover them…

What Clients Say

After an hour of going through [the Rewind Technique], I opened my eyes. Juanima asked me how I felt. For the first time in over a decade, I felt a peace I hadn’t known – it was a calm really. I figured I was just tired. I went home and that night, I had no nightmares, I slept nearly through the night, and I saw no shadows. 

I will be focusing on my other traumas as well, and I anticipate that this will be a work in progress. But to say that this first step has saved my life has been an understatement. With the help of therapy and the Rewind Technique, I anticipate being able to navigate through PTSD and no longer let it dictate my life. This tool is a necessity for anyone who may be suffering from trauma, especially PTSD. Juanima saw me, she saved me, and she keeps me here.


When I walked into the session, I was skeptical. I didn’t know if it would work because I’m heavily guarded against any kind of relaxation or hypnosis. But Nima’s voice was calming and soothing, and I felt safe. I wasn’t sure I could do the Rewind – if I could focus like I needed to – but I did it! And it WORKED! Before that session, I had nightmares about my trauma regularly. But that first night after the session…no nightmares. And I haven’t had one since.


My session was so peaceful…so relaxing. And at the end when she asked me how upset that traumatic memory made me on a scale of 0 to 10, I struggled to remember it at all. It was a zero! And now I can talk about that event without any negative emotions. It’s just something that happened in the past.


I’m on a Rewind peace retreat. My session was so freeing, and nothing bothered me today. Sincerely, Nima led me on an amazing healing adventure.


Let me just say here and now: the woman is amazing. After one session with Juanima, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me.


Juanima is such an amazing person. I am constantly blown away by how much she cares and invests in people she meets. She is incredibly patient, loving and empathetic. Her active listening skills and insightful questions allow her to identify the tools you need to move past whatever you are “stuck” at. She is fully invested in you, walks with you on your journey, while still remaining a huge cheerleader for your success. I am so blessed to have her in my life.


Meet Juanima

Juanima Hiatt

Rapid Trauma Recovery Specialist / Transformational Coach

About Juanima Hiatt

Certified Life Coach and Rapid Trauma Recovery Specialist

Juanima Hiatt (aka “Nima”) is a trauma recovery specialist, transformational coach, wife, mother of 2 amazing girls, author, and friend to all.

Her own journey with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) began in 2004 following the traumatic birth of her 2nd daughter. However, the true source was years of childhood sexual abuse that had never been truly dealt with (pushing it into the dark recesses of one’s mind doesn’t count as “dealing with it”).  After months of anger, denial, ignoring, deflecting, depression, and avoidance, she admitted she needed help. Thus began the healing journey.

After being rejected by eight therapists who said, “Your issues are too much for this clinic,” she found someone who could help. But “talk therapy” was not only brutally slow, but also brutally PAINFUL. After 4+ years of therapy, she felt stronger mentally about the past, but her body wasn’t at peace, and that level of healing wasn’t good enough. So Juanima embarked on a relentless mission then, to not only heal herself, but learn how to help others heal as well.

Her certification as a life coach came in 2013, as did the focused learning to understand trauma, and the ways it impacts our mind and body. This hungry search for knowledge and understanding led to the answers that helped Juanima heal her own mind and body, but she also discovered a unique method that quickly and easily removes the symptomatic effects of past trauma by neutralizing the traumatic memory in the brain: the Rewind Technique. Today, she brings her knowledge and training to an open practice to help others heal from their trauma – often in just a few sessions, NOT YEARS!

Her message is one of hope and promise… to contradict the belief that PTSD is forever, and the belief that one can never fully heal from past trauma. There is a door waiting to be opened for those who are suffering from the debilitating effects of past events that they can’t seem to let go of… For those who feel like the past is still in the present, robbing them of the joy and happiness they deeply long for. There IS a way, and it’s closer – and easier – than you think.

Contact Juanima or Schedule a Rewind Session to put your trauma behind you once and for all.

Read more of her story here.

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