How Past Trauma Stays Linked to You, and What You Can Do About It

Childhood and adolescent years can be full of things we’d rather forget about. Abuse, divorce, assaults, violence in the home, neglect, natural disasters, getting lost or separated from our parents, serious accidents, death or loss, health problems, bullying, burglary/robbery, mass shootings, being trapped… These are just some examples of what can be classified as trauma; but it’s certainly not an extensive list. There is no all-inclusive list, because it’s not the event itself that is traumatic; it’s the way we…

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Trauma and the Brain

According to the dictionary, a trauma is “a deeply distressing or disturbing event.” In that sense, a trauma can include seemingly common, yet difficult, life events such as divorce, a severe illness, or losing a loved one, to extreme events such as rape, war, acts of violence, sexual abuse, or torture. 25% of people can’t “get over it.” Most people, with adequate support and guidance, are able to heal naturally from trauma and go on to live a healthy life.…

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Finding My Beautiful

All my life, I’ve wanted to be unique. I’ve wanted to be special. I never realized that I already am, just by being myself. There’s nobody like me. Nobody else can be me. There’s nobody like you. Twins may share features but your thoughts are all your own. You can create wonderful things; you can be anything. The only definition of you that matters is how you define yourself. All my life I’ve cared so much about how everyone thinks…

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Bravery Is Different For Everyone

Being brave isn’t always as dramatic as running into a burning building, chasing down a criminal, or base-jumping off of the Grand Canyon. Sometimes being brave is as simple as walking up to and talking to someone. We can be brave every day without risking life and limb. If you’re shy, complimenting someone can be an extreme challenge. If you are overweight, having smaller portions can be an act of bravery. Doing anything outside of your comfort zone takes bravery! For instance……

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Client Story: Shimmi

Client Story: Shimmi I never thought in a million years I would “suffer” from PTSD. I never understood the mental ramifications of trauma until I lived it. Living it unknowingly, that is. It is important that I explain my mental state and causes to be able to understand the impact the Rewind Technique has had on my life. For 19 years I had no idea that I was suffering from PTSD. My depression started with one experience when I was…

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